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The Oppenheimer Blue is a 14.62-carat 2.924 g vivid blue diamond that in May 2016 became the most expensive jewel ever sold at auction, until April 2017 when it was surpassed by the Pink Star diamond. The diamond was named for its previous owner Philip Oppenheimer. It. Set to be the largest Vivid Blue diamond ever to appear auction, the Oppenheimer Blue is one of the rarest gems in the world. Here, François Curiel, Chairman of Christie’s Asia Pacific and China, shares its. 21/05/2016 · The Oppenheimer Blue, a magnificent 14.62ct Vivid Blue Diamond, sold for CHF 56,837,000 US$57,541,779, including Buyer's premium on 18 May, 2016 at the Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues in Geneva, setting a new world. 18/05/2016 · THE OPPENHEIMER BLUE A SENSATIONAL COLOURED DIAMOND RING Set with a fancy vivid blue rectangular-cut diamond, weighing approximately 14.62 carats, flanked on either side by a trapeze-shaped diamond; also accompanied by the original ‘Eight Blades’ mounting from Verdura, ring size 6, mounted in platinum. At 14.62 carats the Oppenheimer Blue is the largest Fancy Vivid Blue diamond ever to appear at auction, and on 18 May, at the Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues in Geneva, it set a new world record for any jewel when it sold for CHF 56,837,000, equivalent to around $58 million.

Geneva – Christie’s is proud to present the Oppenheimer Blue, the largest and finest Fancy Vivid Blue diamond ever offered at auction. Weighing 14.62 carats, this exceptional stone will lead Christie’s auction of Magnificent Jewels, held at the Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues. This exceptional blue. The Oppenheimer Blue sets an all-time record for a jewel at auction. Leading Geneva’s Magnificent Jewels auction, the 14.62-carat Fancy Vivid Blue diamond makes history and sells for US$57.5 million. Setting a new world record for any jewel sold at auction.

19/05/2016 · The world's largest blue diamond, an extremely rare gem known as "The Oppenheimer Blue", sold for $57.5 million at Christie's Geneva Wednesday night, making it the most expensive diamond ever to be sold at auction. The sparkling gem sold to a.

Le diamant bleu Oppenheimer Blue, ou le Diamant bleu d'Oppenheimer, est un diamant de 14,62 carats qui est devenu diamant le plus cher jamais vendu aux enchères le 18 mai 2016 [1]. Cette enchère a été battue par le diamant rose Pink Star en le 4 avril 2017, vendu 71,2 M$ [2].</plaintext> 17/06/2016 · The sale of the 14.62 ct Oppenheimer Blue diamond by Christie’s last month has caused an absolute sensation in global diamond and jewellery circles, not only because it is the largest vivid blue diamond ever to appear at auction but also, more significantly, because it fetched the highest price – an astonishing $57.6-million. 23/06/2019 · The Oppenheimer Blue Diamond: A carat blue diamond auctioned at Christie’s in Geneva for $57.5 million, including fees, becoming the most expensive diamond ever auctioned. Discover the piece and the master eye that discover this unique gem in our video "A Jewel in a Moment”.</p> <p>31/03/2016 · The Oppenheimer Blue. Christie’s will be auctioning the Oppenheimer Blue, a 14.62 carat emerald cut Fancy Vivid Blue diamond that was once owned by Sir Phillip Oppenheimer, of the famous family that runs Anglo American plc and has controlled De Beers since 1926. 18/05/2016 · T he Oppenheimer Blue, a 14.62-carat Fancy Vivid blue diamond, has become the world's most expensive gemstone ever sold at auction, beating the previous record held by the Blue Moon diamond, by selling for $57.5 million £40 million including commission and fees, at Christie's in Geneva.</p> <p>The Oppenheimer Blue diamond is the latest in a line of historic blue diamonds that have been auctioned at Christie’s. These include the Tereshchenko in 1984, the Wittelsbach Blue in 2008, the Begum Blue in 1995, and a blue-diamond ring owned by Marie-Antoinette which was auctioned in 1983. 18/05/2016 · The 14.62-carat “Oppenheimer Blue,” the largest fancy vivid blue diamond ever offered at auction, set a world auction record moments ago, selling for more than $57.5 million, including commission and fees. The auction house originally listed the price, converted from Swiss francs, at $58.2. 19/05/2016 · Reviewed by The Diamonds Girl @the_diamonds_girl, we present to you The Oppenheimer Blue. This beauty went under the hammer in Geneva at the Christie's auc. The largest Vivid Blue diamond ever to appear at auction has sold for $57.5 million. The 14.62-carat Oppenheimer Blue easily outstripped the last record-holder for ‘most expensive blue diamond;’ the esteemed position was last held by the 12.03-carat ‘Blue Moon’ diamond which sold. Setting a new world record for any jewel sold at auction, the Oppenheimer Blue sold for CHF 56,837,000 / US$57,541,779 on 18 May 2016 at the Four Seasons Hotel.</p> <p>At the time the Oppenheimer blue diamond was first mounted on a Verdura "Eight Blades" mounting, its weight was actually 14.71 carats. After the death of Sir Philip Oppenheimer on October 8, 1995, the Oppenheimer Blue diamond on its original Verdura "Eight Blades" mounting was apparently sold to an anonymous buyer in 1999, who got the diamond. The 14.68 carat, Fancy Vivid Blue, Oppenheimer Diamond had an original estimation of between $37 million to $45 million. The final price was $$58,002,681 or $3,967,351.64 per carat. 😋 The Oppenheimer Blue Diamond of 14.62 carats with an estimate of US$38-45 Million, the largest fancy vivid blue diamond ever to come to auction Will be up for auction in Christie's Geneva on May 18th via @stephaniegottlieb @christiesjewels christiesjewels oppenheimerblue Diamonds Jewellery beautiful instafollow dream love loveyou.</p> <p>19/05/2016 · 'Oppenheimer Blue' Diamond Sells at Auction for $57.5 Million. A Christie's employee poses with the 14.62 carats Oppenheimer Blue diamond during. The Oppenheimer Blue diamond is one of the most famous and breathtaking blue diamonds to have ever been discovered. Characterized by many as being the Gem of Gem, this blue diamond even went of to set the record for the most expensive colored diamond ever. Der Oppenheimer Blue „Oppenheimer Blauer“ ist ein blauer geschliffener Diamant mit 14,62 Karat, der bei einer Auktion im Mai 2016 für eine Rekordsumme von 56,837 Millionen Schweizer Franken versteigert wurde. Der Diamant ist nach seinem früheren Besitzer Philip Oppenheimer 29.</p> <p>19/05/2016 · The Oppenheimer Blue diamond has entered the history books as one of the world’s most expensive diamonds after selling for $57.7 million at Christie’s Geneva. This spring, Christie's Geneva has seen sales of $169.2 million, including one of the most. 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